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Can anyone train in The Challenge?
Yes! It is sometimes thought that The Challenge belongs to a hotel or resort, but that is not the case. So everyone can train with us! Whether you live on Curaçao or are on vacation… you are very welcome!

What kind of clothes can I wear while exercising?
Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. It should not be pinched and be able to absorb sweat easily. Always bring a large towel with you. This is required during training (hygiene). Swimwear and bathing suits are not allowed, however.

Can I wear any kind of shoes while training?
No. In any case, it must be an indoor sports shoe (hygiene), so shoes that are not worn outside or that have been worn outside in the past. So take the shoes with you in the sports bag and do not wear them at home. For (cardio) fitness, a good sturdy shoe is sufficient, e.g. a cross trainer. For all group lessons, the cushioning of the shoes is important, while a sturdy sole is important during Spinning®. Special Spinning® shoes with the ‘SPD click system’ can also be worn during Spinning®. When purchasing a pair of new sports shoes, always be well advised by an expert in this field.
Wearing slippers or sports on socks or bare feet (with the exception of Yoga and Perfect Pilates®) is not allowed.

Can I take a trial lesson?
Yes, everyone who lives on Curaçao can take a trial lesson for FREE. It is one trial lesson per person and after that separate lessons are based on a “Separate training” (Nafl. 25, =). If you decide to join our club on the same day, we will settle this Nafl. 25, = with the contribution payment.

Do I have to pay registration or administration costs if I want to become a member?
We charge a one-off registration fee á Nafl. 53, =. After that, you never have to pay this again, even if you change subscription type or stop temporarily.

Do I have to make a reservation for the group lessons?
No, you do not have to make a reservation for group lessons. Make sure you are there on time, because after the lesson has started, we will not allow anyone in.

Can I make payments with my membership key bar?
Yes. You can deposit money (credit) on your membership key. Bar payments can then be paid via your key. You always have this key with you (to enter), so now also your wallet. This makes bar payments smoother and you don’t have to pay anything at the end of the training.

Can I cancel my membership for a longer period?
The subscription can be temporarily suspended in the event of a holiday abroad, pregnancy or long-term illness / injuries. This after completing the change form in advance and after explicit written permission from the management. A minimum duration of one month and a maximum duration of three months applies for holidays. Periods shorter than one month are already included in our subscriptions. This arrangement only applies to the 6 and 12 month subscriptions.

If I ever want to stop training, do I have a notice period?
No, you do not have a notice period.

How do I cancel?
You do not have to cancel your membership. After the subscription period has ended, it will not be automatically renewed. You decide whether and when an extension will take place.